kenschmidtIn response to an article talking about U.S. Assistance for Europe where in comments many, many Europeans disparaged the U.S. SoldInTheMarket wrote this. Makes you want to cry in frustration.  Or take up the Tomahawk.


I don’t want to live in a Europe where women are sexually attacked by gangs of 1000 men. I don’t want to live in a Europe where rock audiences are massacred. I don’t want to live in a Europe where taxi drivers rape children. I don’t want to live in a Europe where commuters are blown up. I don’t want to live in a Europe where bandsmen are murdered. I don’t want to live in a Europe where politicians are murdered. I don’t want to live in a Europe where sharia courts exist. I don’t want to live in a Europe where young girls are taken on ‘holiday’ only to be mutilated. I don’t want to live in a Europe where young men travel overseas to behead people. I don’t want to live in a Europe where women dye their hair from blonde to be safer. I don’t want to live in a Europe where roaming gangs loot shops. I don’t want to live in a Europe where arranged marriages occur. I don’t want to live in a Europe where gay-free zones exist. I don’t want to live in a Europe where young men think that buying and selling women is acceptable. I don’t want to live in a Europe where cartoonists are gunned down at work. I don’t want to live in a Europe where religious vigilantes patrol the streets. I don’t want to live in a Europe where honour killings happen. I don’t want to live in a Europe where transgender women are threatened with stoning. I don’t want to live in a Europe where females are harassed in swimming pools. I don’t want to live in a Europe where guests are taught how to behave. I don’t want to live in a Europe where schoolgirls have to change their dress code so as to be safe.

If America can save Europe from this then I will be very grateful.


Lena Dunham

From Deborah C. Tyler’s Lena Dunham and the Banality of the Disgusting today in AT read the full piece here.

DunhamDunham has exploited her ability to be impishly disgusting all of her life.  It is her only talent.  She works it unrelentlingly.  That which many people find cruel or repellent Dunham celebrates as trendy, sexy newsiness.  She claps and coos at a PP clinic as if she is at a festive occasion, because she is.  Doctors who save lives are not her heroes.  She idolizes abortionists because unconsciously, she wishes to share in the sexiest power of all – to kill human beings.

Settled Science

Street WalkerPithy comment from a DM reader about the “settled science” of global warming:

Nowadays science just leans on a streetlamp in a short skirt and gets into the car with whatever funding drives up.

E.M. Cadwaladr Strikes Again

E.M. Cadwaladr has been mentioned in this humble blog before.  Today he has a stunning piece in American Thinker which everybody should turn to read for perspective entitled The Academic War On Facts read it here.

Here is the comment I posted in AT.

I really like your stuff Cadwaladr and am comforted by the fact that Carole of the Guardian spells her surname with two Ls.  Otherwise two points: it was Adam Smith who said that universities were a refuge for every exploded theory hunted out of the rest of the world and two (and I don’t remember who said it) that when books were precious unique items universities formed around libraries and now that books are common, cheap and freely distributed via the Internet, they should hit the road again – Jack.

Monday, Monday

Monday, January 18, 2016 Back at the gym this afternoon. Dead cold, fire cooking away in the living room, cats sleeping next to it, ominous clouds rolling in low over Hudson River, buddy says neighbor has trail photos of a Mountain Lion on hill where he lives above Kingston, last night a sixteenth birthday party for grandson Mattison.

AT reluctantly rejected a blog entry from me because it wasn’t fair to JEB Bush. It isn’t but I reproduce it here because it’s funny:

Trump Melon and Dr. JEB Barbay

By Richard F. Miniter

Watching JEB lecture The Donald about trade at the last debate while Trump’s expressions snidely suggested that JEB doesn’t know much about the real world made wonder where and when I’d watched this scene unfold before?

Because I had.

Back-to-SchoolForty-eight hours later it came to me – Donald Trump was playing Thorton Melon (Rodney Dangerfield) in the 1986 hilarious comedy Back To School in which millionaire businessman Melon enrolls in College and JEB Bush was acting the part of Dr. Philip Barbay (Paxton Whitehead) his fussy, smug business professor.

In the scene I was thinking of Barbay has just finished describing to their class the steps necessary to start a business and Melon interjects:

Thornton Melon: Oh, you left out a bunch of stuff.

Dr. Phillip Barbay: Oh really? Like what for instance?

Thornton Melon: First of all you’re going to have to grease the local politicians for the sudden zoning problems that always come up. Then there’s the kickbacks to the carpenters, and if you plan on using any cement in this building I’m sure the teamsters would like to have a little chat with ya, and that’ll cost ya. Oh and don’t forget a little something for the building inspectors. Then there’s long term costs such as waste disposal. I don’t know if you’re familiar with who runs that business but I assure you it’s not the boy scouts.

Dr. Phillip Barbay(sniffing): …now, not withstanding Mr. Melon’s input. The next question for us is where to build our factory?

Thornton Melon: how ’bout fantasyland?

Needless to say the movie ends with Melon going home with Barbay’s girlfriend.



Best Comments On The Daily Mail

Britain doest know which way to turn. We have stuck ourselves to Europe, a continent we have nothing in common with apart from geography yet we can’t decide if we are pals with the US or not. Well stick me in a room with a bunch of Americans rather than Bulgarians or Roumanians any day. At leat we can share a joke. When did you last have a laugh with a Lithuanian?

What an ignorant comment, Ian! When these photos were taken, there were tens of thousands of political prisoners in Soviet gulags. You UK lefties are an inane-but-hilarious crew! Quit dressing up as Stalin in your mother’s basement and get some fresh air, “mate.”

The River War By Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill Soldier

Winston Churchill Soldier

Be careful of this book because my experience is that new editions are bowdlerized with the pages in which he gives his opinion of Islam removed.  I’d order it from Waterstone’s in the U.K. maybe.  Otherwise I have to say a fantastic read.  I particularly enjoyed the fact that the British/Egyptian Army, who after all had prisoners literally skinned alive by these people, got close enough to see the Mahdi’s tomb, their enemy’s holiest of holy Moslem sites, they shelled it day after to in order to infuriate the pests.

Sean Penn Is Toast

I have about as much interest in Sean Penn and El Chapo as I do the question of what happened to the big red spot on Jupiter.  But the thought has struck me, as it will have might Penn, that if Sean led the authorities to El Chapo then Sean’s life is worth about as much as a thimble of warm spit.  Chapo is a guy who has women Police Chiefs in Mexico raped and butchered in the desert on the off chance they might look sideways at his boys.  Who never forgets a grudge or lets one reach old age.  Who has people who betray him, even by accident, dismembered with chainsaws.  Of course El Chapo might be a big Sean Penn fan and let it slide, stranger things have happened.

Naw, he’s is toast.

See the previous post for a more uplifting issue.

Circus Elephants

As a hunter I kill deer and eat them.  I don’t trap them as babies, torture them with sharp instruments and force them to dance for my amusement year after year.  Indeed I’m so offended by the sight of elephants chained all four feet or boat hooks used to discipline them I won’t go to circuses any more.  Even the one that has that unbelievably brave cat that jumps a hundred feet from the upper big-top into a tiny cushion held by the ring-master or the human cannon ball that lights himself on fire as he sails through the air.   Although I do miss the sideshow, hot dogs and popcorn.  And the clowns.

Foster Care Story: The Things I Want Most

51j0TScES-L__SX322_BO1,204,203,200_It’s been a few years since I wrote The Things I Want Most: The Extraordinary Story Of A Boy’s Journey To A Family Of His Own.  Yet I’m still receiving phone calls and e-mails, often containing other gripping tales.  I’m never not moved but last week a woman named Emily Oates wrote me and opened hers with this sentence.  “I am an experienced Foster Parent but The Things I Want Most is the greatest account of the travails and inspirational result of taking on that task.”

Since then I’ve authored a number of other pieces about parenting and grand-parenting which you can find in the archives of American Thinker  But it occurs to me that I should start pitching the book again and so if you wish to take a look at Things, read numerous other reviews and if you’re a prospective Foster Parent. Social Worker or simply enjoy a compelling read click here.