The Empire Strikes Back

untitledIn reading Maureen Dowd’s column yesterday about the interrogation of Hillary Clinton by the Benghazi Committee entitled The Empire Strikes Back we find that Hillary Pillory bragged about managing embassies in 270 countries.

And because nobody except my most fevered fans will call your attention to it here’s my comment in the NYT on-line:

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Why do we need embassies in 270 countries? What does that cost?  If these places need something from  the U.S. they can write us a letter and so if we feel we have to respond we’re only out the cost of a stamp.  This would mean American tourists would be on their own you say, well guess what with the way these arrogant embassies operate they already are.  An added benefit to closing these embassies is that when the third world ‘street’ wants to protest and burn the American Flag the object of their affections will have to be their the local McDonald’s or KFC.

Into The Graveyard On A Cold Night In October

ODC_FallLast Saturday evening I took my thirteen year old granddaughter and two of her best friends to the Theater On The Road’s cemetery tour at the Old Dutch Church, Wall and Fair Streets, Kingston, New York.

It was freezing, dark and we arrived early so we parked and spent an hour walking around colonial uptown Kingston and looking on its old houses.  Few of which however date earlier than 1777 because in October that year the British army burned the place down, destroying three hundred fifty homes the residents of which had to flee into the woods.  All of whom it should also be noted were old men and women, mothers and children because any man older than fifteen and under the age of sixty-five was in the Ulster county Militia fighting further south along the Hudson River.

In any event my granddaughter, her friends and I wandered about and found a open and bright candy store which sold tall and rich hot chocolates.  Too much sugar for me so I skipped any but my granddaughter’s was candy caramel apple hot chocolate with little chunks of apple and caramel in the huge cone of whipped cream on top.  Wow! Warmed her right up.

graveyard_odc_fohkThen onto to the show in the church cemetery.  It wasn’t spooky as much as it was fascinating.  At eight gravesites the person buried there, in one case a married couple, came alive in beautiful period costumes in the dark and peering around a flickering lantern told you about their lives in the days prior and after the British burning of the town.

The evening fled and despite the fact that we were bone chilled and shivering the thoroughly entranced girls refused to abandon the tour until it finished.  Then we piled back into the truck, turned the heat on blasting and drove to a local diner for a hot meal at 9:30 PM.

Later home with the girls nodding off on the drive.ODC Theater group

I had a great time.  The girls were wonderful and fun to listen to chatting among themselves, they’re really very nice kids and warming my heart, later rhapsodized to their parents about the experience.  And what they learned.  An object lesson.  Children enjoy learning about other things and having fun in other ways then from lessons structured to be “relevant” to their lives today like tales about rock stars.  And of course there is nothing like live theater. Pictured to the right and above are some of the actors from the event.

On The Feminist Left

Guest editorial by an elided Deborah C. Tyler:

FYI: small minds talk about people, ordinary minds talk about events and great minds talk about ideas. The ideas of the feminist left are unspeakable: killing the unborn; and deifying homosexuality, pornography, and sexual self-objectification as “freedom.” … Feminism is a blood cult and cults worship bullies and sociopaths…  Get used to it.


Black Napoleons

Black NapoleonGovernor Andrew Cuomo has just issued an executive order for the state of New York (apparently legal) which would forbid discrimination against Transsexuals.   So let’s get this straight – I can’t discriminate against boys whose dented mental state has them thinking they’re girls but I can discriminate against Blacks who think they’re Napoleon.  How does this make sense?

On Adoption

My father had a friend who was brutalised physically and verbally by his alcoholic mother in the late 1930’s he ended up with a terrible speech impediment, his saving grace was being evacuated to Wales and living with a kind farming family and the death of his mother in an air raid in London. His father, a merchant seaman, remarried to a young widow, his step mother was a wonderful warm woman and showed him the love he never had from his own mother she had three kids two her own, one from her late husband’s first marriage, plus later two with her second husband, to her immense credit she treated all the kids the same and they also “adopted” the child of a cousin who had been orphaned. Billy always referred to her as his mother. She got him treatment for his stammer at a time when it was hard to come by and he named his eldest daughter after her he loved her so. There is more to parenting than merely blood.




I’m not a pundit I’m a pun-wit, the opposite of a wonk and thanks to Ed Straker I can now say, because it says it all on the issue of guns “… change from a gun-free zone to a massacre-free zone.” and “If liberals don’t trust their fellow citizens to carry guns, then they shouldn’t trust their fellow citizens to vote, “

From “They just blow up so fast don’t they?”

Putin, the Middle East and St Sophia

St SophiaIt has long been my thesis that as an unabashed Russian nationalist the long-term objective of Putin in the middle East is the same as the Czars; that is to re-establish Christian worship in the ancient (dating from the time of the Eastern Roman Empire) Christian patriarchal basilica  St Sophia in Constantinople (Istanbul).  Because it is the cultural root of Russian civilization and so Muslim worship in it as a Mosque is as much an affront to them as if aliens conquered New York City and made an ostentatious home in it would be to Americans.

By the way the first thing that would go would be the four enormous minarets the Muslim erected around it using Greek Christian slave labor five hundred years ago.

Now from an article by Raymond Ibrahim in American thinker today we read this:

“Back in February 2012, Vladimir Putin met with representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church.  They described to him the horrific treatment Christians are experiencing around the world, especially the Muslim world:

The head of External Church Relations, Metropolitan Illarion, said that every five minutes one Christian was dying for his or her faith in some part of the world, specifying that he was talking about such countries as Iraq, Egypt, Pakistan and India. The cleric asked Putin to make the protection of Christians one of the foreign policy directions in future.


“This is how it will be, have no doubt,” Putin answered. “


The Horror of Socialized Medicine

The horror of Socialized medicine in Britain – what you are forced to accept.  From the Daily Mail today.  She is accused of allowing a Christian baby with Down’s Syndrome

Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba, 38, who is on trial for the manslaughter of six-year-old Jack Adcock, arrives  at Nottingham Crown Court today (Tuesday). Jack died in February 2011 at Leicester Royal Infirmary after allegedly being mistaken for another boy who was under a 'do not resuscitate' order.  See copy Raymonds Press  07407 763529

Dr Hadiza Bawa-G

to die under her “care.”  As you can she wearing a head to toe religious advertisement in her hajib and her  jilbab meanwhile NHS nurses have be fired for wearing a tiny cross on a gold chain because it offends Muslims.

Update 11/2/2015 She was convicted of manslaughter but along with that report news outlets have stopped running pictures of her – because they don’t want to make the natives angry!



The Biter Bit

The DM reports here that the U.S. Special Forces developed an IED that could not be traced to them in order to dispatch Iranians who entered Iraq in order to help insurgents kill Americans while giving the impression that they were being targeted by other Iraqis.

This is a great story – a case of the biter bit.  My favorite one of these was back in the seventies when the ANC was throwing hand grenades into cafes and school rooms in South Africa.  An informant watched some terrorists hide cases of hand grenades in the bush.  The South African police retrieved them, altered the fuses from 5-7 seconds to m67-grenade_2zero seconds, returned them to their hiding place and for a year ANC killers were blowing themselves up one by one up and down the country.  The best part being when an ANC cadre leader became convinced that these “mishaps” could be corrected with the proper instruction in how to use a hand grenade.  So and he took a group of would-be assassins out into the countryside with some grenades and carefully explaining what he was doing step by step took one, pulled the pin, released the spoon and blew little chunks of himself all over his watching students.

U.S. Shootings vs. Europe’s

Guest Editorial from Tim Phares

M16 imagesThe population of the United States is roughly that of Western Europe. When you take all those countries together, so as to compare apples to apples, they have roughly the same rate of mass shootings and gun violence that we do. Three of the six worst mass killings were in Germany. Another (very bad!) was in Norway.