Lt. General “Chesty Puller”

ChestyTrue story.  A retired Chesty was being awarded the General Knox Award for patriotism and I was a young NCO at the Marine barracks in Maine hosting.  We NCOs hired the CPO Club to hold a welcoming affair.  Meanwhile men started showing up from all the over the country, coming to the Main Gate of the Top Secret installation saying “I was with the old man on Guadalcanal” or “I was with the old man in Korea” and the Marine guards waved them in where they all headed for the CPO Club.  Then as this was happening the base commander a Navy Rear Admiral, frustrated by Chesty turning down the formal reception he wanted to organize crashed the NCO party with over hundred officers and their wives who lined up to meet Chesty and be photographed with him.  Chesty took it for a while but kept looking over to the bar where the Marines were standing three deep and glum.  Finally he announced in that loud gravely voice, “the hell with this I’m going over there with my men” and turning his back on the long line of Navy officers he shouldered his way up to the bar, threw some money down, started telling stories and there we stood for hours together, one old veteran after another pushing up to shake his hand with tears streaming down their face, young Marines in uniform listening to him like the voice of God.  “Chesty, Chesty, Chesty” we chanted as he finally walked out.

I don’t believe they make them like that any longer.

How Do American Schools Stack Up Internationally?


On improving schools excerpt from The Egalitarian Illusion by Jane Weir American Renaissance August 28, 2015 quoting Prof. Raymond Wolters University Of Delaware author of The Long Crusade: Profiles in Education Reform, 1967-2014


“There is simply not much improvement to be made. Our Asians are as good as Asia’s Asians–actually, better than Koreans or Japanese. Our white kids beat everyone else’s white kids except Finland’s. Our Hispanics outscored all eight Latin American countries. Our black kids trounced Trinidad, the blackest nation on the PISA list.”

Prof. Wolters notes that the problem is not schools. It is increasing numbers of low-scoring blacks and Hispanics who are dragging down our scores in international comparisons.

Immigration – Extract From Selwyn Duke In AT Today

There undoubtedly are people in this world facing serious persecution. As to this, the West in general and the Obama administration in particular have done nothing to aid, for instance, the Christians being slaughtered in Muslim lands. But the bottom line is that the “refugees” are coming to the West simply because the West is nicer than where they come from. And they will keep coming until they’ve turned the West into where they’ve come from — unless we change course.

There’s much talk today about anchor babies, but that’s only part of our obsession with granting citizenship to foreigners. Workers should be expected to work and go home. Guests should be expected to visit and go home. For whether or not you believe charity begins at home, for certain is that conflating it with family status is robbing us of our home.

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Black Balcony

In response to a Daily Mail piece today showing picture of dude ranch Wyoming in the nineteen fifties McFlyo007 asks “where are all the African-Americans?” and Stone Pillow replies “Using their own bathrooms, drinking out of their own water fountains and staying in their own motels when they weren’t going to their own schools or watching a movie from the “Black Balcony.”

Question:  Who knows what a Black Balcony was?

No Public Schools Required?

We just need government out of education period,  Consider this point:  that while in the U.S. there is very little evidence (I believe) to compare levels of literacy in states without public education to those without there’s something very similar available in regards England.  There where public school weren’t introduced until the 1890s the nation began with a literacy rate of 93% and ends today a hundred twenty-five years later (source The Offshore Islanders) with a literacy rate of 95%.  Essentially the same!  But actually a decline because the literacy standards were much higher in the 1890s.

Guest Editorial

I’ve always been amazed at how the leftists, despite their obsession with preserving nature at any cost, don’t care in the least about preserving the unique human cultures that have built the civilization that allows them the free time to dream up, and agitate for, their weird and unsustainable lifestyles.


Why You Shouldn’t Attend A Moslem Wedding

1.  Groom smells like his last bath was in the Tigris well before Ramadan.

2.  Guests denied the seating they believe they deserved often set off IEDs in the reception.

3.   No booze

4.   Always serve mutton and stewed peas.

5.  If you forget and kiss the bride SHE gets stoned to death

6.  Door prize is a Christian sex slave

7.  The only virgins at the wedding are those sheep who have outrun their shepherds

8.  No paper in the loo only a sign saying “employees must wash their left hand”


On A Sunbeam

ST BridgetThere’s a drama unfolding in my family with a horrible and ghastly illness and in which my daughter’s behavior as a nurse, an advocate and a servant of devotion, inspires us all. Goodness they say is its own reward but being Irish I remember that when ST Bridget would rush to the care of the sick, God would pick up her cloak she threw to the ground in her haste, and hang it from a sunbeam.


Friend or Fiend

Something to think about is that the difference between the words friend and fiend is only the sound of the letter ‘r’.  So the origin of both words must have been very close indeed in the beginning refer to some very similar relationship.   And it’s as true today as it was yesterday that you can be most hurt or most helped by someone who knows you well, which in turns explains my there is such vicious animosity, from time to time, in families.much more vicious that a dispute which would might occur among strangers.