Simple, Clear Immigration Policy

Here’s a look at how others nations handle the illegal immigrant issue from NotAnEskimo commenting in AmRen 04/22/15

NotAnEskimo • 3 hours ago

The Australian government has a simple, clear policy: No one who arrives by boat, without a visa, may ever settle in Australia.  The government produced a video of an Australian 3-star general making a very short and clear statement on that topic.  He made it clear, there are no exceptions, for children, families, educated people, for anyone.  Show up by boat without a visa, and you can never stay in Australia.

This video was then translated into all the major languages, like Arabic, Somali, Bengali, etc, and they put out flyers in the main feeder airports such as Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur.

What has been the result of this campaign?  Two results: First, immigrant boats and people smuggling to Australia, and therefore immigrant drownings, have stopped.  Not just gone down, they have stopped.  No one tries to go to Australia by boat without a visa, because he will end up in a miserable detention camp in Nauru (a miserable third world island), or he will end up back home, but he will not end up in Australia.  Australia has contracted with Nauru, Christmas Islands, and PNG to serve as detention centers.  These are miserable, awful third world islands desperate for money, so they make excellent detention centers.

The other result is much weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth of liberal white-hating Australians.  Fortunately there are not enough of those to overturn the policy.

If Europe had a similar policy, that NO ONE who enters Europe without a visa will EVER be able to remain in Europe, and anyone who does will be either sent home, or sent to a miserable contract detention center, the arrivals would stop.

Israel does something similar.  They have a miserable detention center in the desert, and they contract with Uganda for detention, and consequently, no one comes to Israel anymore, even though it’s a short land trip from the worst countries in Africa.

On The Intended Removal Of The Confederate Memorial In ST Louis

I’m a born and bred New Yorker, yet I had great uncle who died fighting under StoneWall Jackson – I can take you to the exact spot where he was killed at the Deep Cut on the second day of Second Manassas.  I honor him.  But our new “diverse” and progressive society will now do everything it can to forbid that brand of tolerance and respect.  Luckily the men still living on these shores will sooner or later, sweep it away.


Solar Power And New Telsa Batteries

For those considering – here’s an interesting exchange from the comments section of the Daily Mail 4/22/15:

I lived off the grid in CA and it felt great to know that I didn’t need the power company. My 4’6′ solar cell charged some deep cycle marine batteries with an LP gas back up generator. Never needed the gen and I had satellite tv and internet, washer and dryer, refrigerator, swamp cooler. It’s the way to go in areas with lots of sunshine.

I’m going to call BS on your story. Even the most modern and most efficient solar panels today only produce 230 watts from a 4X8 panel with ideal sunlight. That’s not even enough to run the most efficient 14 cubic foot refrigerator, must less everything you listed. The most efficient 24″ LED televisions still consumer 80 watts. Satellite receiver is a minimum of 35 watts. Washing machine needs over 450 watts. I’m going to assume your dryer was gas because an electric one consumes over 4,500 watts per load. If your swamp cooler only had to cool a single 10X10 foot room then you could probably make due with a 60 watt unit.  … And you expect me to believe you ran ALL of this from one little 4X6 solar panel and never turned on the generator? Dream on. Your story isn’t even remotely possible.


Somebody Read My Blog And Suggested I Get Some “Help”

I would but there are only four mental health “helps” that work: stopping drugs, stopping alcohol, getting your blood sugar under control, finding God and I already have all four bases covered.  The so-called therapeutic chemicals a psychiatrist prescribes merely create a quietly ticking bomb and if you consider to a psychotherapist for counseling you’re usually better off sniffing model airplane glue out of a brown paper bag.

Besides when  people say that to you what they really mean is that they’d like to administer electro19th century electr0-shock therapy to your head until you agree with them in every particular.  Or that they’d just like to keep zapping you until you start bleeding from all body orifices and then agree with them in every particular .  In short they’re not your friend and the last thing they want to see extended to you is any kindness.  So about the best you can do is buy them some of that airplane glue and a brown paper bag.

Advice For Parents

Dear Reader, you may take it from me, that however hard you try-or don’t try; whatever you do-or don’t do; for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer; every way and every day:


So it is no good bothering about it.  When the little pests grow up they will certainly tell you what you did wrong in their case. But, never mind; they will be just as wrong themselves in their turn.  So take things easily; and above all, eschew good intentions.

Gwen Raverat

A CAMBRIDGE CHILDHOOD – Fisher and Falver Limited 1952

“Surely the most delicious sly and best remembered book of childhood reminiscences ever written” Daniel George 

An aside:  Notice the skillful use of the semi-colon!

The Ecotopianists Are Still At Work

The left-wing Guardian newspaper (UK)is running an international campaign entitled Keep It In The Ground.  In other words no oil, coal, natural gas and I guess peat in order to fight “Climate Change.”

As usual the Left-Wing Ecotopianists ies can’t win on common sense so portray the issue as complex, maybe too much so for us boobies to understand until of course, they patiently explain it to us.

Here’s a selection from today’s lead-off piece opining why people invest in shares in the energy extraction industries:

“… We could ascribe all of these investments to some kind of misplaced avarice. But that doesn’t make sense: it is not as if buying shares in these companies is some kind of “get rich quick” scheme. Indeed, oil and gas companies have significantly underperformed on the market as a whole over one year, three years, five, even 10 years. The real answer is more a complicated case of priorities, politics, pragmatism and portfolios.”

No it isn’t you febrile wart-brain!  It’s about keeping warm in the winter, keeping the lights on, our machines running and getting from point A to point B.


This Is The Sort Of Thing Which Gets Me Death Threat From Daily Mail Readers

Today the Daily Mail had a piece with lots of photo on a vicious swan attacking boaters on the River Cam in Britain.  You can read it here.

Vicious SwanAs you may know the Brits are animal fanatics and the comment column was full of pieces saying that the nasty humans were getting what they deserve for invading the swan’s territory.

So I sent in the following which was posted and then hurriedly removed when it triggered a firestorm of invective:

I had a vicious goose some years ago called Pauline whom I was reluctant to kill because to tell you the truth cleaning and plucking a big goose is a pain in the butt.  Then I found a farmer’s daughter who obliged for $20.  Pauline was a great feature slow roasted over an open fire at the next  summer barbecue.  My only regret is that I didn’t stuff her with oysters and chestnuts.


In my earlier post Advice For Christian Bakers (March 30) I suggested they represent themselves as Moslem because the homosexual community and the MSM are terrified of followers of the Big M and there wouldn’t be a peep about them refusing to make a Gay wedding cake.  Well guess what?  Somebody did exactly that – went to a Moslem Bakery in Dearborn and got turned down.  They even videotaped the encounter and the reaction from Gays and the MSM – cowering silence.  Read the blog post in AT reporting the incident here.  And yes Stone Pillow is prescience.  Handsome too.