Not Enough Women To Go Around

Feminists are demanding more woman be represented in the STEM (an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields after a European scientist appeared at a press conference wearing a garish short sleeved shirt printed with the image of a lot of beach lovelies.

Lost WomenBut has anyone considered that there’s not enough women to go around?  If we insist that the STEM fields must have fifty percent women than we are going to have to force some number of women to abandon their occupation of choice in order to fill the quota.  This means firing half the librarians, primary level public school teachers, a heck of a lot nurses and so.  A fact which of course, reveals, the insanity of feminism.   And quotas in general.

Parenthetically one might add, one might apply the same logic to Gays.  If two percent of miners, loggers, MMA fighters, bridge builders, car mechanics and so on have to be Gays – then we’re going to have to fire an awful lot of hairdressers and interior decorators and those latter with any talent, well they’re not exactly thick on the ground.

On the other hand the only reason newspapers and the MSM run these stories is that they know that they’ll have the rest of us seeing red and maybe buying more newspapers and air time so that they can charge their advertisers more and pay Matt Lauer twenty five million a year.

Personally I think half of that should be paid to Al Roker, if that is he agrees to add some weight back on and look more like his old happy self.



Ferguson Newsflash

In their ultimate gesture of protest the rioters in Ferguson Missouri have decided to go on strike.  Will no longer accept the Welfare, Food Stamps, Free pre-school, Free Primary and Secondary Education, Free Cell Phones, Section 8 Housing Assistance, WIC Stamps, Food Pantries, Free Medical Care and preferential treatment in College admissions with which the wider mainly White and Racist American society has been keeping them in subjugation.

They will however continue to accept the free services of the Public Defenders Office.

sneakersBut the good news out of Ferguson is that no bookstores have been looted by flash mobs, the organic vegetable sections of Supermarkets have been left untouched and after the second Foot Locker was overrun the Salvation Army Thrift store in Ferguson was deluged in donations of used sneakers with gold laces.

Commissario Ricciardi – I Will Have Vengence

Just read Maurizio De Giovanni’s I Will Have Vengeance book one of the Commissaro Ricciardi’s detective novels and all I can say is wow!  For those of you who like whodunits this is a must read.  Very different almost an occult novel in some respects yet contains one of the warmest portrayals of a Roman Catholic priest you will read, this thing has you one the edge of your seat from page one.  And treasuring your own individual sanity and happiness in life.

Ginger, Ginger, Ginger

Even the most experienced writers don’t get it but what William F Buckley and George Orwell point pointed out time and again is that if you have to explain a metaphor, simile or analogy – don’t use it, don’t use it, don’t use it, don’t use it.  It takes all the “ginger” out.  And always, always, always, always makes the sentence less powerful

For example see these two sentences written by a William Thomas in an article about what a wonderful guy Obama is:

As history has proven, a president in a theater without adequate security is a tragically bad idea. (Remember: “Apart from that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?”)

Now read the first one alone:

As history has proven, a president in a theater without adequate security is a tragically bad idea.

Drew Belsky Nails It


In  piece in American Thinker entitled Can You Spare $250 For Raging Liberalism by Drew Belsky appears this paragraph.  Good advice for all of us.  Read the full piece here.

“Don’t get me wrong – I’m not much of a bomb-thrower in my personal life.  I wince at my phone when it rings, and I prefer to finish conversations without fanfare.  But I’m starting to realize that we fail as conservatives when we refuse to respond to liberals’ offensive maneuvers in our day-to-day.  We don’t have the luxury of shrinking back – of putting up with abhorrent ideas, of letting people assault our ears with this nonsense – in the interest of keeping the peace.  While we conservatives are avoiding controversy, raising our families, and trying to build a life-sustaining economy, our liberal counterparts are agitating twenty-four hours a day for the destruction of what we love.  They can afford to; too often, the government pays them to do it.”

Our Futile Efforts to Boost Children’s IQ

In Bloomberg View Charles Murray summarizes what we know about a child’s family environment affecting a child’s IQ and it’s not what we think.  (Like taking the time to read to them.) Here’s the opening paragraph.

“It’s one thing to point out that programs to improve children’s cognitive functioning have had a dismal track record. We can always focus on short-term improvements, blame the Reading To A Childlong-term failures on poor execution or lack of follow-up and try, try again. It’s another to say that it’s impossible to do much to permanently improve children’s intellectual ability through outside interventions. But that’s increasingly where the data are pointing.”

Read the full article here.

Will Tor Sapienza Come To The U.S.

From The Daily Beast 11/14/2014

This week, the residents of Tor Sapienza [a neighborhood in Rome] reached their boiling point, according to Tomasso Ippoliti, the district’s committee president. For several nights in a row, the residents tried to chase out the migrants and refugees using archaic torand disturbing language against “blacks,” “gypsies,” “dirty Arabs” and “disgusting Muslims.” They threw rocks, bottles, and paper bombs at the euphemistically named “Smile Welcome Center” that houses a segment of unaccompanied minors who have come to Italy from North Africa on rickety boats. They also torched garbage bins, broke the windows of police cars, and waged the sort of urban warfare Romans haven’t seen for decades.

Protestors shouted “Long Live Il Duce,” in a nod to Benito Mussolini’s fascist immigration policies. They also yelled, “Out all blacks,” “Enough foreigners,” and “This isn’t racism; this is fear.” Their goal? To cleanse the neighborhood of anyone who isn’t an Italian citizen. They nearly succeeded.

Read full article here.

Banning Burkas

Here’s a story from Holland I saw in the London Times some while ago

 The Netherlands is likely to become the first country in Europe to ban the burka, under government proposals that would bring in some of the toughest curbs on Muslim clothing in the world.

Now I have a question or two.  You would think this couldn’t happen in the United States.  I mean the ACLU would kill to have laws like this passed.  But I remember that in the nineteen sixties many states, including I believe all the southern ones and possibly even Klanthe federal government passed laws forbidding the wearing of masks in public that covered the lower face.  The intent was to make KKK members reveal their identity and these laws were hailed by the MSM then as a vast step forward in making blacks feel safer.  And that’s the reason the KKK today doesn’t wear the old complete mask with just eye holes.  But my first question is, doesn’t the same array of laws outlaw the burka?

I bet they do.

And if it is then why have Islamists not been prosecuted?  Or if nobody wants to prosecute these cases what stops the KKK from going back to their old and very concealing garb?



An Army At Dawn

Read An Army At Dawn   by Rick Atkinson.   Well written with Much detail about                an important campaign little commented upon by historians.   Some important conclusions – one Eisenhower was a Babe in the Woods, never should have been Supreme Commander,  lots of guys died because he was such child.  But one has to understand that he was only a place holder – An Army At DawnMarshall’s idiot boy who would do what he was told until Marshall himself crossed the pond to command Overlord (The invasion of Normandy in 1944) and Roosevelt only put a spoke in that wheel in 1943.  Another conclusion is that with command of the sea the Torch force should gotten back in their ships and landed five hundred miles further east saving themselves that wearing assault through the mountains.  Another point is that Patton was a nutcase and shouldn’t have been allowed to command as much as a guard detail in Nebraska.  Can you imagine Robert E. Lee peeing in A.P. Hill’s bed in order to prod him into action?  Or ordering a commander to have some of his officers killed so as to encourage the troops?  Driving around with a siren blasting standing up in his troop carrier like a Roman Emperor at a triumph.  Montgomery was of course overrated too.  The fact that he had a ten to one superiority in guns and tanks and fifty to one in aircraft having a lot to do with his victory at El Alamein , his only real victory of the war.  He fumbled badly later on in Sicily and disastrously on D-Day when instead of taking Caen on D-Day plus one it took him a month and so unhinged the breakout.  But he was picturesque and so the people loved him.  But that is other terrain.

All in all An Army At Dawn is a good teaching read.  Something to curl with in front of the fire on a winter Saturday.