Memorial Day

On this Memorial Day it might help to remember that one – it began a holiday in which to honor Confederate War dead and two – FDR’s initial Memorial Day as President is best remembered for his cutting the pensions of severely disabled American combat veterans from $40.00 monthly to $20.00.

Having gotten the snark out of my system I can now reflect that when sergeant Shawn Farrell’s funeral cortege (killed in Afghanistan 04/28/2014)rumbled down RT 209 from Kingston two weeks ago there were 33 fire engines and a thousand motorcycles watched by 15 miles of people lining the roadway with flags.  Also that when I went out with the American Legion the Saturday before last to decorate the town’s veteran graves with flags we had scads of volunteers ranging from Girl Scouts to eighty year old grandmothers helping.

I Don’t Care About Autistic Children

In the interest of having a life and a nation to come home to I don’t and you shouldn’t worry too much about Autistic children.  Or these other issues the propaganda about which is designed distract you.  And Without Exception are all hyped, distorted or invented.

The Minimum Wage
Unfair Advantage
Thigh Gaps
The Growing Gap Between Rich And Poor
The Necessity Of Respecting Every Bad Attitude You can Imagine
Assisted Suicide
The Underprivileged
Inclusivity teach-ins
Giving Back
Historically Black Colleges
Palestinian Complaints
Unfair Advantage
Conserving Energy
The Uninsured
Single Mothers
School Teachers
The Drug Addicted
The Homeless
Global Warming
Past Racial Discrimination
Post-Racial Discrimination
The Radical Gay Agenda
Mental Health
The Handicapped
Asperger’s Syndrome
White Privilege
Schoolyard Bullying
High Calorie School Lunches
Feng Shui
Having A Conversation About Race
Mental Health
Partnerships Between The Public And Private Sectors
Banks That Have To Be Bailed Out
Welfare Recipients
Glass Ceilings
The Dangers of Salty Food
The Dangers Of Fatty Foods
The Dangers Of Farm Raised Fish
The Dangers Of Fast Food
Ethnic Food (unless it tastes good)
The Illiterate
Endangered Species
Beach Erosion
Moslem Feelings Or Offending Their Sensibilities By Bombing Them During Ramadan
Knowing Anything About Wine
Rescue Dogs
Rescue Horses
Rescue Dolphins
Childhood Self-Esteem
Child Labor
Those Who Disparage The Army Of Northern Virginia
Polar Bears Drowning
Social Justice
Community Organizers
Student Loans
Life Long Learning
Thinking Global
Trans-Genders (Or the issues of the coming Dual and Tri-Genders)
Lois Lerner
How “Hard” Congress Keeps Telling Us They Work

 Instead here’s a list of issues you should care about.  Not necessarily arranged in their order of importance:

Your Parents
Your Children and Grandchildren
Your Language
Your Garden
Your Freedom
Your Neighbors
Your Constitution
Your Dog
Your Cat
If You Packed It In Pack It Out
Lions (Even though I have been on the ground with them and they scare the hell out of you)
And if you’re building a dry-laid stone wall – Putting Big Ones On the Bottom And Little Ones On The Top


Michael Smith, in American Renaissance

Must Read – Confessions of a Public Defender by Michael Smith, in American Renaissance, May 9, 2014

A quote – “My experience has taught me that we live in a nation in which a jury is more likely to convict a black defendant who has committed a crime against a white. Even the dullest of blacks know this. There would be a lot more black-on-white crime if this were not the case.” Read the entire article here


Quote Of The Day

From: Confessions of a Public Defender – Michael Smith, American Renaissance, May 9, 2014

“My experience has taught me that we live in a nation in which a jury is more likely to convict a black defendant who has committed a crime against a white. Even the dullest of blacks know this. There would be a lot more black-on-white crime if this were not the case.”

 Read the full article here


Walk Thru The Door And See What You Find There

With his recent American Thinker piece The Sin of ‘Racism’ Selwyn Duke opened a door it would serve every Conservative well to walk thru.  Because not only is the term ‘racist’ an “invention of leftist language manipulators”  it’s meant to, and does, shut down the Conservatism’s transcendent argument.

The superiority of Anglo-Saxon culture.

Moses and the prophets, Greece, Rome, Jesus Christ as Lord, Boadicea, King Arthur and the Round Table, 1066, the Magna Carta, the first Bill-of-Rights 1689 in England laying down the free rights of Englishmen, Shakespeare, children’s stories, the concept that incorruptible judges are the “Lions Under The Throne”, Pilgrims and then the Mayflower Compact, Jamestown, the Declaration, Revolution and Constitution, breaking a continent and making it livable, … mine eyes have seen the coming of the Lord …, sound money, enterprise free from government control, Jazz, Blues, Rock n’ Roll, Johnny Cash, Shelby Foote, “Remember – Cherry Valley, The Maine, Pearl Harbor, 9/11.”

That culture.

A lily white later shot through with African blackness set of values, principles, beliefs and song which conquered the world.  And even as it fires are allowed to die out a culture which continues as an engineer would say, to over-shoot – dress tens of millions of new non-western peoples in western clothes, eat western foods, surround themselves with western furniture and art, aspire to western freedoms and often, certainly by the tens of millions in China, to convert to Christianity.

And speak English, not necessarily as a first language but as the language of refinement and status.  Much as the once ubiquitous Latin held sway among the learned in Europe.

But a culture which no sooner launched itself on the world when western liberal intellectuals in a straight line from Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Karl Marx, Friedrich Nietzsche to Bertrand Russell, Jean Paul-Sartre and any number of latter day poseurs set about disassembling it.  A group whose acolytes sometime mid-twentieth century realized that their task of destroying western civilization would be much simpler if the freedom loving could not use the economic and spiritual success of that culture as an argument in favor of future generations choosing its values and principles.

A Reprise


A reprise from March 2013.  Important to understanding what’s happening with Obamacare.

In rereading Bruce Catton recently, I got a point he was trying to make which heretofore had gone over my head.  The war should have ended in 1862.  The south was under an increasingly effective blockade, couldn’t manufacture much of anything and had lost three of its major cities, New Orleans, Memphis and Nashville.

It looked done.

But then it somehow found the resources to raise larger armies, equip them, feed, seize back four hundred miles of the Mississippi, drive McCellan from the outskirts of Richmond, twice invade the north and then of course fight on for three more years.  So where did it find the wherewithal?

The answer is, in great part, from the three major cities that were lost.

From the Union governments point of view conquering these cities dealt a severe blow to the south.  The south viewed it the same way.  But they were still southern in allegiance, but now, no longer under blockade  and after a year or so of no business at all, they were suddenly booming.  And funneling vast amounts of gold into the Confederacy as cotton and tobacco flowed in through the very porous indeed in most cases undefined boundaries of Federal authority.  Sherman fumed about Memphis, “every dollar in gold paid for cotton here goes immediately to Nassau to buy arms.  This city does more for the rebellion than Charleston South Carolina.”  But he couldn’t do much about it.

Of course the South was reduced by the blockade, towards the end you couldn’t even buy nails.  But the point is  that the Civil War went on as long as it did in great part because the north took over the south’s largest cities and couldn’t help but allow them to be run for the benefit of the south.  That is if they had just blockaded instead, much fewer supplies would have reached those incomparable southern armies.

And so is writ another story of government policy boomeranging.  Just FDR’s programs to end the Depression deepened it, LBJ’s war on poverty increased it, Barney Frank’s stated goal of making housing more affordable caused the greatest loss of wealth in human history and so on.

Quote Of The Day

From Fox News quoting a piece in the New York Times “the public relations machinery of the White House assiduously tries to control Mr. Obama’s image and legacy, but there is nothing it can do to stop artistic interpretation of his policies.”