Stop Knocking The Guy

I know some of Scientology’s beliefs are weird. “For example, they believe it is possible to remember past lives through a process called ‘auditing’. This involves a one-on-one session with an ‘auditor’ who asks a series of questions while monitoring an ‘E-meter’, a low voltage electrical device which shows where a person’s ‘engrams’ are. The engram is a traumatic memory related to past experiences. The aim is to drain the engrams of their painful qualities, leaving a person ‘clear’. “

But I really wish the press would stop knocking Scientology’s founder L Ron Hubbard for his phony war record.  Hey, it’s better than no war record at all.


Your Great-Great-Great Grandchildren

Thanks to the benefits of the Google Time Machine we were able to obtain a photograph of your Great-Great-Great Grandchildren as they exist in the brave New World Left-Wing-Liberal policies are bringing us.  Note: You have to look carefully to spot them, they do after all have to hide from the carnivores

Over The Sea To Skye


I am tremendously heartened by discovering that the all-Virginia elementary school chorus sang The Skye Boat Song in their 2012 ensemble.  The performance is amateurish of course but so politically incorrect I imagined no child anywhere in the United State was being taught to sing this song, certainly in the last thirty years – even though it has one of the most beautiful choruses ever written.

Speed bonnie boat like a bird on the wing
“Onward” the sailors cry
Carry the lad that’s born to be king
Over the sea to Skye

A sense of why it’s so un-PC can be gained from the words of the last refrain:

Burned are our homes
Exile and death
Scattered the loyal men
yet ere the sword
Cool in the sheath
Charlie will come again

You can watch and listen to it here.








Small Town’s A Changing

My small town is changing mainly due to the influx of young professional couples attracted by the clean air, trees and meadows and long views of the Catskills to the west.  Attracted by no crime.  No sometimes violent beggars.  Attracted by the possibility of walking or safely riding a bicycle to your daughter’s school and popping in to have lunch with her, talk to her teacher.  Newcomers.   Friendly enough at first but very different.  Because as opposed to the locals always inclined towards reticence around someone they didn’t know – these newcomers are prone to prod and lecture.

Anybody and everybody.

Just recently one of these types not six months in town and using as many big words as he could berated the fire chief for his lack of community spirit.  Lecture a man about community spirit who had been rolling out of bed at two in the morning in all weathers to the aid of his neighbors for thirty-five years, who had given a year of Saturdays to rebuild the Community Center ten years ago, whose parents, grandparents and great grandparents were buried in town.

But even worse than that obnoxious propensity is that they are forever mouthing off about issues nobody local ever thought of and doesn’t pay any heed to – viewshed and anti-fracking, sunshine green building codes, play-dates for their dogs, tree endowments, encouraging creativity and something called “involved esteem” among the young, what young they have that is.  A long line of inane causes which by definition excludes the Second Amendment or shooting sports and so if one of them glimpses a pistol grip peeking out of your belt when you opened your jacket at the market they drop their bag of organic free-range eggplant, snatch up their kids, scream and run.  Often to dial 911 on that Smartphone they have permanently mounted in their ear.

And the women are worse.   

Arrest The Usual Suspects

In response to an article in the Daily Mail (where I hide under the moniker Seer) about a kindergarten teacher of twenty plus years quitting because of the imposition of tests I wrote:

“This is crap.  If we can all agree that a child must learn the alphabet in kindergarten then the taxpayers paying the freight have a right to determine whether they did or not.  What these vacuous teachers hiding behind meaningless phrases like “individual learning styles” are worried about, is being judged by the results of their teaching.”

Which in turn drew the following replies:

 Gonzo, Sydney, Australia, 5 hours ago

Totalling agree

 Nicole, nyc, United States, 4 hours ago

Meaningless learning styles? So basically you are saying all students are identical and should only learn o n e way? Maybe you should research learning styles before you make an ignorant comment

 Sydneysider58, Now living in Taree, Australia, 1 hour ago

100% right Seer. What can possibly be wrong with seeing if kids have learned the minimum to move up.

Read more:

I got It

I have been reading the Life Of Samuel Johnson, brilliant writer,  teacher, author of the first good English dictionary, man of the worldFile:Samuel Johnson by Joshua Reynolds.jpg and extremely devout.  In one of his letters he spoke to life and death and in particular- to grieving.  He explained how for good people grieving, that is missing dreadfully a person in your life, agonizing over issues you may have handled better when she or he was alive never goes away.

Instead, again for good people, it matures into reverence.  You take the best of elements of that person’s life and act them out in your own.  You value them, hold them up to be esteemed – their kindness, their work ethic, their own reverence for good things, maybe the way they made you laugh.  And when you do that you please them because while you are separated by the corporeal we know that some things will pass that barrier – your acts of reverence and in the other direction grace.  So reverencing those who have gone on enriches your own life.  Indeed you more you do so the more powerful in faith and goodness you become.

And in that wondrous manner, even closer than you were in life, you are still talking one to the other.

I have spent a few days trying to understand and this morning I was sitting out on the front porch and finally understood what he was talking about.  And when I did, maybe I was hallucinating, but for an instant a beloved niece who has passed on flickered in front of me making that sign with her hand like someone shooting a pistol meaning “you got it.”

And I had.

That’s Nothing

The Daily Mail had a story about a woman who insists her dog saved her life by performing the Heimlich maneuver on her.  I wrote in comment:

DSC00001That’s nothing, when my house caught fire my Golden Retriever Sparky first carried the cats out, then ran down to the Fire Station, drove the ladder truck up into my front yard and rode the bucket up high into the air from where he directed the high power nozzle onto the flames and extinguished the fire.  And so I was moved to forgive him for having forgot to change the batteries in all the smoke alarms.

The Sweater Signing

sweater signingThe signatory to the left of Putin at the “treaty” signing annexing The Crimea is a scruffy gentleman wearing a black pullover sweater rather than a suit and tie like the rest of them.  Rumor has it that in transit Putin was advised he needed one more body at the table so that it would look more official, stopped his limousine and snatched this guy out from the newspaper he was sleeping under.