The Ukraine Again

Am I good or am I good?  Here’s what I wrote a week again about the Ukraine:

Krushchev Russia holds all the fooking cards.  And all the fooking natural gas.

About the only hope we have is to broker the return of the Crimea, whose border Khrushchev (photo to left) arbitrarily redrew, to Russia and support Russia’s long-term (but unspoken)goal of returning Santa Sophia to Christian worship with the price of that, being the freedom of the Ukraine’s people.  That might work, otherwise this sad country has no future.  Certainly no Momma, no Poppa, no Uncle Sam in its future – only the cold embrace of the Bear.

Despite our best wishes.


Wildlife Photo

Jaguar eating caiman

One of my favorite wildlife photos of all time.  The Jaguar has come out of the river and is about to grab the Cayman and swim back across the river with him in his jaws in order obviously, to eat him.  What fascinates me is the deadpan look in the Jaguar’s eyes.  Cold.  Remind me not to come to their attention.  Not so far fetched for some of you because they have been spotted in Arizona and appear to be moving north and east.  And once they reach Louisiana swamps they’ll breed like rabbits.  Of course Environmentalists will tell we’re usurping their land at the very moment they’re colonizing ours.  But remember those eyes and temper your sympathy. Jaguar eating caiman

Surprise, Surprise, Michael Rockefeller Eaten By Cannibals

savage harvestDaily Mail today reports the new book Savage Harvest make a very strong case that Michael Rockefeller the youngest son of Nelson former Vice President and long-term Governor of New York was eaten by cannibals on New Guinea.  Michael who was thought to have drowned (or maybe eaten by a huge sea-going crocodile – yes there are such things) off the coast of New Guinea on a mission to save the unique fauna and flora of that region, and its primitive art (for his own collection) in 1961 was swimming in a river when he waved to a passing group of cannibals who then speared him like a fish and had a cook-out.  New Guinea natives are we all know or should, are famously prone to such diversions.  Indeed some estimates are that in their chaotic retreat across the center of New Guinea in WW II  the Japanese army lost 900 men in just such a manner.

A Well fed CannibalBe that as it may it looks like Michael Rockefeller became the world’s first tree-hugger to be eaten by cannibals, and we can confidently expect, not the last.  Nor the last to be eaten by the bear, lions, alligators, sharks or jaguars they love or the wolves whom they insist, are just dogs who love to play in the woods, especially with children.

The Ukraine


Politicians have the tendency to back down when they shouldn’t and take a stand when they should not.  Take the run up to World War II.  England France could have gone to war over the occupation of the Rhineland by Hitler in 1936 and beaten him almost easily.  Or gone to war with him over Czechoslovakia  in 1938 when the military situation was much less in the their favor but with the benefit of 36 superbly equipped and led Czech divisions fighting for their homes.

But no, they went to war with him over Poland in 1939.  A place they could never reach to assist and whose fighting forces were most definitely neither well-equipped or led. The long and the short of it being that western Europe (I count 14 countries) was (were) overrun, with millions of its peoples killed, tortured or sent off to death camps.  Hitler only being defeated by two decisions of his which for sheer blind stupidity rival the conclusion by Coke that they should change the formula of the most popular soft drink on the planet, the invasion of Russia and the declaration of war against the United States.

The former which would have happened regardless of whether or not England France declared war over Poland.  Something the politicians if they had read Mein Kamp, indeed if they had read a newspaper, should have known.  So the choice could have been a schoolbook lesson in realpolitik.  Do fourteen countries go into the barrel or just one?  Uh, let me think about this for a while – I choose fourteen.  And choose to risk extinguishing western civilization at the same time. 

It was so stupid a move that it defies rational analysis.  What were they thinking?  That they owed Poland one?  The same Poland that just finished stabbing Czechoslovakia in the back by grabbing some of her territory as Hitler marched in the other end?  The same Poland that did not have a democratically elected government.  The same Poland which made a national sport out of slapping around the Jews?  I mean I love the Polish people and revere on my aching praying knees the memory of John Paul II, but give me a break.

Besides there was nothing, nothing, nothing  the western allies could have done to help Poland. 

Who knows if Hitler would have cleaned up the Balkans the way he did or gone straight for Russia after Poland.  But he would have gone for Russia in any event and so the two monster regimes would have bled each other out.  Easy prey then both of them for the western democracies with their immeasurably more powerful industrial base (that is including the United States.)  No iron curtain, no nuclear arms race, no bloody and bloody-minded “revolutions” in Africa and South America.  No Communist China.

And so we come to today and the Ukraine.  The “Professor of Constitutional Law” who disdains the Constitution might just “red line” his way into a confrontation with Russia over the Ukraine.  Feeling that the criticism sent his way over the abandonment of Iraq, the cut and run in Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt and Syria might just oblige him offer the newly free Ukrainians some sort of guarantee he can’t ever make good on.  Just like the Allies once did with Poland.

This administration keeps mouthing “NATO” like they can frighten Putin with the specter of a Europe united with the United States uniting to oppose him but NATO is a hollowed out core of what it once was.  And anyway NATO is the NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANIZATION which grew out of the Atlantic Charter, thank you Sir Alexander Cadogan for writing that.  NATO is not the BLACK SEA TREATY ORGANIZATION and unfortunately someone with the sweep of vision and just plain iron commitment not to lead their country further that it can go like Cadogan, is not around to sum it up for the peabrains in Washington.  Or in the MSM. 

Look at a map.  It’s Poland all over again.  Russia holds all the cards.  Or look at the fooking map as our British cousins are wont to say.  Russia holds all the fooking cards.  And all the fooking natural gas.

About the only hope we have is to broker the return of the Crimea, whose border Khrushchev arbitrarily redrew, to Russia and support Russia’s long-term (but unspoken)goal of returning Santa Sophia to Christian worship with the price of that, being the freedom of the Ukraine’s people.  That might work, otherwise this sad country has no future.  Certainly no Momma, no Poppa, no Uncle Sam in its future – only the cold embrace of the Bear.

Despite our best wishes.

How To Spot A Green Preener


How To Spot A Green Preener

imagesPHDU7AI1Green Preeners are those who assume a morally superior position in regard to the environment but whose science is at best inept and whose causes usually backfire.  Below listed are some of the ways in which you can identify Green Preeners in order to get them some professional help before they really hurt themselves.  Or you.

A Green Preener:

1. Uses Vegetable Wash to brush their teeth.

2. Displays a bumper sticker which says I Brake For Trees made out of paper made from trees, acrylic made from petro-chemicals, printed in UV resistant paint made from dyes extracted from trees and pasted on to the car with a glue rich in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

3. Sniffs at people choosing paper bags in the supermarket while stuffing their organic eggplants into canvas bags made by sweat shop child labor in third world countries which as a matter of policy and long standing tradition, obliterate forests.

4. Buys “Fair Trade” coffee whose cost premium goes into the pockets of Central American dictators so that they can buy bigger yachts.

5. Insists that PETA executing 90% of the animals which pass into its hands is a FOX News canard.  That the real number is lower, maybe 80%.

6. Minimizes their “Carbon Footprint” by buying CFLs light bulbs which expand the Carbon Foot print of the manufacturer more than they’re shrinking theirs.  (Not to mention paying 15 times as much.)

7. Celebrates Tim Treadwell’s birthday.

8. Puts a DON’T FRACK NEW YORK sign in their front yard while insisting we get cheap gas from Texas.

9. Insists that their spouse not discuss what “natural fertilizers” mean when serving organic only family meals to their children.

10. Using only natural remedies (i.e. olive oil based mixtures) to treat the head lice their child contracted at school instead of the physician prescribed malathion until that is the lice jump onto their own head.

11. Takes deep offense when the TV weatherman opens by saying “okay for you conspiracy theorists out there, here’s how the climate is going to change tomorrow.”

12. Flies the U.N. flag on Earth Day but gets confused and runs it up upside down.

13. Spreads the rumor that Timothy Treadwell was killed by the CIA, or maybe the NRA.  Or commenting “at least he was a friend to animals”  when substituting the word “meal” for “friend” would be way more accurate.

14. Believes the statistics of the International Shark Institute in Florida.

15.  Replaces old toilets with Super-LO-Flos then hires an undocumented maid to clean the icky things.

16.  Is heard saying “I think of myself as a healer.”


You Heard It Here First

You heard it here first, Putin will “restore order” i.e.; invade the Ukraine.  He’s only waiting for the government to ask him in and of course Sochi to end on a good note but he’s not going to wait forever.  And it doesn’t matter how many threats the eunuch in the White House theorizes to NBC.

The Real Story Of The Death Of Metaxas?

My wife had a client named Enrop [Blank] who recently died at ninety something years .  Out of respect she always did his taxes for nothing.  One of the grandchildren Hugo is a truck driver who came early for his own appointment, I offered him a cup of coffee (he’s a big deer hunter) and the two of us yakked for a while.  I happened to say something about Italian cooking and he took mild umbrage –  he wasn’t Italian he said, well his wife was, but he was Greek.  His grandfather Enrop had fought in the Resistance during WW II and come to the U.S. after.  He also said the old man had a lot of stories.

One of the them was about the bizarre death of the President (Prime Minister?) of Greece when the Germans invaded.  “Oh Metaxas” I said, ‘that’s it, that’s it, that’s the name” Hugo nodded.  Then “how come you know that name?” he asked suspiciously.

I said his heart attack was a famous incident in the early war.

“Oh.  Well it wasn’t no fucking heart attack I can tell you that.”

A few minutes went by and I asked, “Well you going to tell me the story the old man told you about the death of Metaxas or not?”

And here’s the story he told: 

Metaxas had already beaten the Fascist Italians, who he had no respect for and detested,  and driven them back over the border when the German Ambassador showed up at his door in the middle of the night accompanied by the former Italian Fascist Ambassador to Greece. 

Enrop was a young Army officer then and part of the guard assigned to protect Metaxas , and may have actually answered the knock.  Anyway Metaxas comes out in his bathrobe and the German handed him a note demanding the surrender of the border fortifications otherwise the entire German army will invade at dawn.  Metaxas is digesting this when the former Italian Ambassador leans around the German and pokes Metaxas.  “See, see you pigshit now you’re going to have to give up.”

Quick as a flash Metaxas grabs the Italian’s  ear “you Fascist dog” and just about tearing it off jerks him out from behind the German Ambassador and through the doorway all the while smacking him across the face.  The Italian is screaming his monocle flies off and then the false teeth out of his mouth.  The German Ambassador follows them inside and tries to stop them but Metaxas keeps smacking the guy.  Then the Italian pulls a knife and sticks him in the chest.

Metaxas clasps a hand to his breast says something like “this brave Italian has done for me” and falls backward into Enrop’s arms.

The Italian screams “I have to find my fucking teeth” him and the German scrabble around on the floor, find them and then run out the door.

So begins the Greco-German War of 1941.

Only the Greeks couldn’t let on he was killed by an Italian so they invented another story.