Why Do They Have To Tell Us Anything?


I see this headline on Drudge – College Football Player Tells Coach  He Is Bi… and I get drawn in, go to the article and read:

“After years of feeling somewhat alone in the world, Conner Mertens, a 19-year-old red-shirt freshman kicker for Willamette (Ore.) University football team, finally has found some peace.

Last week, the student-athlete told his Coach he was Bi-Sexual”  that he had a boyfriend – blah – blah – blah.

Who cares Conner?  Why do you feel you have to share your sex life with everybody else?  Oh and good luck in the locker-room showers you over-emoting fool.

What Kind Of A System Is That?

Up until a few months ago I was running a vacation rental called The Winterberry House.  It was listed on all the major vacation rental websites and was quite successful, in the course of five and a half years  the highest booking VR in the Hudson Valley for many months.  But not successful enough and this past autumn we folded it up.  A big change of pace for me because suddenly I wasn’t on the telephone for a couple of hours each day and no more business messages being left.

Enter my granddaughter (who lives just down the road) “mommy left you a message and you never called back” then she peered over at the answering machine, “look at how its blinking, there must be a hundred messages.”

“It’s probably maxed out.  When I think about it I index through the caller list to see who called but I haven’t listened to the answering machine in months.”

“In months?  IN MONTHS? What kind of system is that?”

Something I submit, which we should ask about a lot of other things in both our lives and our nation’s.

Ruining Our Children One Classroom At A Time

As we all know, every morning our American Liberal trundles out into the limelight provided by the Main Stream Media waving two fresh grievances and a demand.  Usually  that somebody somewhere be given the right to equal treatment or outcome in some venue.  Like some high school boy being treated as female, if despite all the wrong junk, the evidence of a doctor on his birth certificate, ten, twelve or fourteen years of avowing himself a boy, he now attests he actually is a girl and so deserves to compete for this year’s prom queen and be given full access to the opposite sex’s  bathroom and locker room.  A position some in the know would tell you, was occasioned by a football player beating him up for what he’s been up to in the boy’s locker room.

I wish I could recall who recently called this sort of thing equality insanity.  Because that’s exactly what it is. 

 Indeed it’s impossible to catalog all the new equalities demanded demand by the Liberal.  Although many of them can be filed under the sub-category education, because by and large the educational establishment is somewhere to the left of the Sandinistas and therefore, there’s always some school or university ready to help the public spirited SFB push the envelope.  And so we find the handicapped or rather as the Liberals prefer to say the “challenged”, being given extra time or enhanced facilities so that they may achieve a grade equivalent to the un-challenged.  And how much extra time is fair?  Well, as much as it takes.  Educators not having reached the absurdity of providing the entire summer, a smart phone, an unlimited number of shout-outs and “do-overs” and an SAT riddled with “special” or “more relevant” questions like “how do you spell M.I.T.?” in order that the challenged achieve a score which will get them into that university, but that’s coming.   

 Indeed to modern educators the very idea of marks is anathema.  Only required because in many cases the law requires it and society yet demands some measure, no matter how abused by educators, of student accomplishment.  Instead Educators today believe that marks inevitably confers “ability status” on certain shining scholars in elementary or high school.  A standing they feel unearned because no test can actually measure how much any one student knows about a subject .  What does you ask?  Well how about a “portfolio”, (what used to be called a scrapbook), of photos culled from magazines interspersed with a student’s scribblings which illustrate how much the young person was changed by the learning experience.  What a more complete person they now are.  Or how they “feel” about it.

Early for an appointment to speak to a group of parents which had a particular classroom reserved I was invited  by a teacher still using the room to take a seat in the rear.  Their session of “seminaring with students” had not quite wrapped up she explained but they would finish shortly.  Apparently this was a discussion group in which physics  students explained their feelings about a course for extra credit.  I am not joking.  In any event the event droned on and on with the teacher apparently oblivious to the fact that they were running over and parents accumulating in the hall outside.  I was seated behind two  snarky students who when the teacher finally brought the “seminaring” to end with the remark that while this “important exchange of views unfortunately had to end”, (evil look at me) it could continue in a wider arena if each would send her a note about that they learned about the course today.  One of the students gave a interrogative look to the other and he whispered back “what I learned about Physics 2 today Mrs. _________ is that it’s too difficult for a stupid f—king airhead like you to understand” and the first guy nearly fell off his chair laughing.

So it’s not that the smarter student doesn’t understand what’s being done to them, they certainly do.  It’s that meanwhile they’re missing out on the more difficult course material which would enrich their lives and the opportunity to see serious scholars at work, emulate them and let that work ethic take them anywhere they want to go.



On Diet

The diet debate rages between low carb or no carb diets and no or low fat.  Which emphasis is right for your children?  Well if you have twins you could try both approaches out at the same time and see which produced the best results.  After all that approach would eliminate differences due to genetics.  Right?  Well believe it or not that experiment has already been performed.  You can read about here.  The answer seems to that the best diet is one that avoids processed foods, especially those which combine fats and carbs.  In others words a diet which takes us back to the nineteen thirties or forties where if you look at street views you see the majority of people are much trimmer, and much healthier than people today, despite issues like smoking.

Hmmm.  I think this means that if your grandmother and great grandmother didn’t serve it to you, don’t eat it today.  I dunno about you but looking at diet through this lens makes me much happier.

Gun Don’t Kill People …..

In one of the most informative and provocative pieces ever published by American Thinker David Waciski, a “Big Data” researcher and writer demonstrates how the overwhelming majority of gun homicide occur in precincts that voted Democrat in the last Presidential election.  The inevitable conclusion being that “Guns Don’t Kill People, Democrats do.”  You can read it here

On Age A Stage

On Middle Age By That Old Sage Parker Pyne

“What are the years from twenty to forty?  Fettered and bound by personal and emotional relationships.  That’s bound to be. That’s living.  But later there’s a new stage.  You can think, observe life, discover something about other people and the truth about yourself.  Life become real – significant.  You see it as a whole.  Not just one scene – the scene you, as an actor are playing.  No man or woman is actually himself (or herself) till after forty-five.  That’s when individuality has a chance.”

How To Win An Argument With a Liberal

A long-time friend of mine and the best bear hunter in the Catskills allowed his success was due to his understanding of how a bear acts when you’re hunting him or her.   That is  as soon as the bear realizes he’s (she’s) being followed it picks out a nice high hill and run up it in a straight line.  Then at the top the bear always turns around, lays down, looks down and waits.  Eventually you show up down there and start up after him.  Instantly the bear stands up, turns around and runs down the reverse slope as fast as it can in a straight line.  Then it reaches the bottom runs either right or left circling the back to where you started your climb.  The object being to give the bear a laugh when huffing and puffing you make it to the top and see the bear down there precisely where you started.

Needless to say it only took a few of these incidents before my buddy would start walking up until more or less certain the bear started his run down the other side, then he’d turn around, scramble back down, load his rifle and sure enough in about twenty or thirty minutes later here comes the bear from one direction or another with his tongue hanging out looking to make a fool of you.

Liberals follow the same philosophy in any contest of reason, lead you on until your huffing and puffing atop the summit of your logic when you look down and see they’ve circled right around to where your work first began.  So don’t go up that hill, no good can come of it.  Just wait where you are and give them both barrels at point black range when they show up again.

Okay yes I know, you have to think about this.  So?

Cow Chips, Cowboys, Cowboy Breakfast


Read about the thirty fifth annual Cowboy Breakfast in San Antonio here on the San Antonio Homepage.

“The menu included 45,000 breakfast tacos; 10,000 tamales; 8,000 biscuits with sausage; 5,000 sausage wraps; 5,000 pastries; 2,500 servings of biscuits with gravy — and 5,000 pints of milk and orange juice and tens of thousands of cups of coffee to wash it all down.

The event also featured live music and a cow chip contest, which was moved back an hour because of the weather. Bexar County District Attorney Susan Reed, County Commissioner Tommy Adkisson and St. Philip’s College President Adena Williams Loston were slated to compete.”

For those of your from the northeast a cow chip is what we call a cow flop and Cow Chip contest is, I presume, a test to see how far the contestant can throw one.

The breakfast marks the opening of the stock show and commemorates the cowboy traildrivers who once drove the stock hundreds even a thousand miles to railways in the north.

Stuff like this is why Texas is so much fun, that and drive-in beer stores.

If You Like…

“If you like your health plan you can keep your health plan”

“If you like your Iranian centrifuges you can keep your Iranian  centrifuges”

“If you like your Second Amendment rights you can keep your Second Amendment rights”

Two of these three statements by Barrack Obama are false.  See if you pick out the true one.  Winners of this contest get to vote Republican, losers apply to MENSA.