Shall I Be British?

The Guardian today is offering an on-line version of the British’s government’s citizenship test for immigrants.  I took it and passed with 90%.  This means that I can buck the trend and move to a higher tax state than New York.  With much much tighter gun control laws too, real Obamacare, 19th century dental care  and a four times greater chance of being assaulted in the rain. But they do have a royal family which means I’m spared watching the nova rich cavorting around the White House on my tax dime.  So all in all, it’s a tough choice.

The Missing African American Percentage

Why is it that spokesmen for the African American community never comment on the fact that African Americans are being aborted into a smaller and smaller percentage of the American population.  That is if the figures since Roe v Wade of 55 million abortions of which 31 million are African American babies are to be believed. 

Restating the issue  why is it that spokesmen for the African American community never comment on the fact that while African-Americans constitute a bit less than 14% of the population they provide 57% of the abortions.

I realize that current projection have African American rising to 15% of the population in 2050 but today, without those abortions they would be 42 million plus 31 million aborted and because those aborted babies would have otherwise grown to maturity in these fifty years and had babies of their own plus maybe 20 million for a total of 93 million.  Or shall we say something close to 30% of the total American population.

So it’s wise to recall that the founder of Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger was a eugenicist who wanted to purge the U.S.A. of what she viewed as inferior people.


Not Looking Good.

I only watched snippets of Clinton’s testimony about Benghazi before the Senate and the House Of Representatives but was struck by a few points. One is that her personal appearance has deteriorated markedly this past few years. The weight gain, the hair, she is not aging gracefully. Two, what a poor public speaker she is, no decent cadence in her voice (Obama might not have a lot of G2 but he does have wonderful cadence), no witticisms, no spark or sparkle, a bit shrill, sounds like she’s waiting in line at WalMart.  Three, there’s no clothes sense, I seem to remember in nice suits in her White House years, now she dresses, well I don’t want to take another cut at WalMart but you know what I mean.

One thing she does have down is the Golf Pro walk.  Obviously assumed but it’s a power walk.  The power walk.  In it you could read the disdain she feels for those lawmakers so above themselves as to question her.

I look forward to the Democrat primary election when she lands on Biden like a thousand of brick while Bill Clinton kneels down and pulls out Joe’s hair plugs one by one.


Exact Quote

Okay here’s the exact quote from Paul Johnson.  I’m heartened by the fact that he said “period of decline” not “decline.”

“IN ONE RESPECT  Barack Obama‘s reelection is historically appropriate. He’s a weak leader and, by reports, an idle one. Such a man is well chosen to lead America into a period of decline.”

Downhill From Here For Obama?

I don’t know why, on this his big day, but I the feeling that’s it’s all downhill here for Obama.   Maybe I’m influenced by Paul Johnson who recently put it this way (paraphrasing) – “incompetent and by all accounts idle, the perfect president to lead America in it’s decline.”

Division In The Ranks

In their natural state most Conservatives weren’t all that interested in politics because unlike Left-Wing Liberals, they don’t have to win elections in order to eat. Or depend upon government subsidies or budgets.  But over years issues intrude.  And accumulate.  Then achieve critical mass.

Abortion, removal of prayer from schools, crèche scenes from village squares, attacks on the pledge of allegiance, sex education, school busing, declining educational standards, history textbooks with founding fathers purged from them or which exalt other cultures, attacks on the Second Amendment, English as a second language, Ebonics and eugenics, government validation of the homosexual lifestyle, racial quotas not to mention out of control spending, a growing culture of dependence and government mandate light bulbs and government redesigned toilet bowls.

And so more and more Conservatives began to think that they had to get into this game and win it.

Aside from economic Conservatives the first big block to weigh in were Evangelicals and the shock and alarm with which the Left-Wing Liberals greeted their arrival was pretty amusing.  Ralph Reed with his voter guide being passed out in thousands of churches was a dagger aimed at the upper east side of Manhattan, the harbinger, according to the New York Times, of Nazi storm trooper legions goose-stepping in from fly-over country.  A reaction we saw repeated when the TEA seemed to spring up out of nowhere twenty years later.

The list of Conservative victories of the intervening decades was substantial, Reagan of course, but also the 1994 Gingrich Revolution, 2010, the overthrow of the Soviet Union, isolated elections like Scott Brown into Ted Kennedy’s old seat, the pretty thorough defeat of Federal Gun Control, the reestablishment of the death penalty and the increase in prison population which ever since the 1960s has been reducing the murder rate.

But to be honest Conservative engagement in politics cannot be described as a mixed as much as it can a mostly empty bag.  School busing has been defeated but the only prayers being said in public schools today are for the humiliation of the United States and the destruction of whatever remains of academic standards.  Gay marriage has obtained a secure foothold in many states, abortion continues up until the ninth month with the partial birth horror, indeed the few babies which survive it are left to die while Obamacare, which the majority of Americans oppose and still oppose has been riveted upon America’s back and will destroy American medicine as surely as the Federal Government’s regulation destroyed shipbuilding and the shipping industry, railroads, community banking (in the entrepreneurial sense), mining, the housing market, the employment market, coal power generations (175 plants now slated to close), general manufacturing and certain types of farming.  The list is endless.  Meanwhile Administration by Administration the reach and size of Government continues to balloon as the government strives to regulate every facet of everyone’s.  While of course piling up trillions in unsustainable debt.

And so Conservatives have now divided into two camps.  Those that want to pack it in and those who hope upon hope that reason will finally prevail.

The opposing rationales are wonderfully summed up in two recent American Opinion pieces.

In favor of withdrawal Selwyn Duke makes a very persuasive argument in Conservatives Rationalize as America Circles the Drain  onDecember 19, 2012  when he arguess that the fundamental question all of us “healthy acorns” have to put to ourselves is whether or not  there’s any point in “… trying to fertilize a tree destined for the sawmill.”  The politics he explains, reflects the culture, the culture has been captured “and there is no way to democratically reclaim” it.  

Then in Cocooning Is the Wrong Solution for Conservatives, January 7, 2012James G. Wiles makes a compelling case for continued Conservative involvement in the political  process.  Conservatives cannot, as he points out,  withdraw to some new Canaan. There is no wilderness to retreat to, America is the only game in town.  Besides we have the facts on our side and facts will inevitably triumph.

Powerful arguments, but I wonder if they aren’t both wrong and right at the same time. 

As Mr. Duke points out the culture has been captured “and there is no way to democratically reclaim” but so what?  Because what culture anywhere, has ever been established democratically? And while Mr. Wiles’ point that facts will triumph is obviously true, a blind man can see that it will triumph by crashing the current unsustainable system not by changing the public’s mind about anything important. 

Indeed the crash itself will not change the public’s mind about anything because they are not going to step outside the culture that has been established.   So since American cannot be reclaimed through the ballot box, not through the presentation of facts why isn’t it more evident we have to change the culture through other means?

I believe because we’re so caught up in the details: the “facts” of various issues, polls, elections, court decisions, the face of changing demographics, that we’ve lost sight of how the game of America should be played.

More or less like a guy I know who was all about baseball.  He played Little League as a kid, then Babe Ruth, got married but kept watching Big League on TV, would drive two hours to cheer in the stands, smacked a three foot high Yankee logo on the back window of his SUV, endlessly studied statistics to the point where he’d call sports talks to correct someone about who started in the 1922 World Series or Lou Gehrig’s minor league career hits.  Then one day he was sitting all alone in his TV room littered with blown up pictures of baseball stars and memorabilia waiting for another game to start on his super wide screen with surround sound when he remembered something.  That his wife was out and he was supposed to be watching their young son.  So he went looking and found the boy all alone playing a video game in his darkened bedroom.

Staring at that sad lonely silhouette he suddenly realized what his own fixation was costing him.  That what he had been doing and how he was treating his own son wasn’t either what baseball or his family life was really about.  That baseball was supposed to played not obsessed over.

So he rummaged in a closet found a couple of gloves and a ball and routed his son off his bed announcing that “we’re going to the park to throw a ball around.  And later was reduced to tears by his son’s shouts and laughter when he scooped up his first grounder.

And that’s about where Conservatives are today, obsessing not playing the game and that’s why they’re losing everything important.  We have to start playing America the way the game is designed to be played.

More to come.

Revisiting The New York Gun Bill

In their rush to pass the anti-Second Amendment legislation the New York Senate and Assembly outlawed 99% of the pistols carried by Police. So they are going to amend it before the law takes effect in March. This may open a window of opportunity by which pro-Second Amendment groups can get something done such as removing the ban on .22 target pistol holding more than seven rounds. Or perhpas revisiting the entire argument. If police need greter capacity magazines to fight bad guys, how come a woman at home alone and faced with a home invasion doesn’t? Write your assemblyman and state senators, call them, visit their office.

Confiscation Begins In New York State

In the furor over the new gun law in New York almost unnoticed is the provision that will apparently (according to AP – I haven’t seen the actual text yet):

“Require pistol permit holders or those who will be registered as owners of assault rifles to be recertified at least every five years to make sure they are still legally able to own the guns.”

Currently pistol permits are issues for life.  Now they are only good for five years.  Anybody with any experience in obtaining a pistol permit in New York knows that some judges just refuse to approve them.  And so when you’re turned down on renewal you’ll have to turn them in.  I hope I’m wrong but this is what it looks like, confiscation by degrees.

His Family

Governor Cuomo is set to sign New York’s rushed through new gun control law which among other thing bans magazine holding holding seven rounds.  I have no idea what this does to boy’s .22 squirrel rifles which often have a tubular magazine holding something like 17 rounds of long rifle but I guess it means they’re illegal as well.  But the Governor’s hutzpa is magnificent because he hasn’t said a word about giving up the H&K MP5 with 30 round magazines which protect him and his family.  Or the Glocks in the hands of his State Police protection detail.

The Stupid Party

Governor Bobby Jindal recently criticized Mitt Romney for saying that Barack Obama gifted certain elements of the electorate in order to win reelection.  Not because it’s isn’t true but because, as near as I can understand, Governor Jindal feels stigmatizing certain people narrows the appeal of the Republican message.  Well he’s wrong and proves himself wrong by calling his party “the stupid party” one of many words and phrases the Democrat party uses to stigmatize Republicans, broaden their own appeal and so win more elections than Bobby Jindal’s party.

Governor please, hit yourself alongside your head, and shake it out the other ear.

Ostracism and ridicule and is counterpoint inclusion and praise is the first line of defense which any human social activity, indeed every human culture erects to defend itself and triumph.  To abandon these tools to your opposition is in itself stupid.

Democrats understand this.  Obama is made to seem cool for young voters and so they’re made to feel cool themselves by voting for him.  Marxism in seen as trendy for academics and so somehow they’re trendy too by climbing on that bus.  Keynesian monetary manipulation is de rigor for most economists and they demonstrate the illusion of cool rigor of mind by embracing it.  All in all demonstrating over and over again the same phenomena in which high schoolers adopt the clothing and hair styles, body piercing and tattoos of rock stars in the urge to portray themselves as au courant (although they probably wouldn’t know what that word meant.)

It’s ignorant, self and socially destructive but it’s the way people are.  That motivation is why parents wear safari clothing to their children’s Saturday morning soccer games, it’s why many of them prefer to enroll their children in soccer than Little League or drive them all over the world all week long to “play-dates” rather than encourage them to walk to a scout meeting in the basement of the church down the block. Because they want to preen themselves in front of other soccer and play-date parents, demonstrate a “concerned involvement in their child’s outcome” one young mother told me which when translated means, if it means anything at all,  acting like Meg Ryan would act if she played a parent living on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.  Cool, sophisticated, with it, engaged.

And Republicans haven’t a shot if they can’t convince at least some of these clueless folks that they’re going dateless on Prom Night if they keep choosing their outwear from that geeky Democrat party spring sales catalog.

That 1960s Hippies are “so over.”  That union leaders are scratchy 78 rpm vinyl records stuck on the same song.  That understanding the democrat’s economic plan is like trying to fathom the thinking of a bowl of fruit.  That Liberals have ideas so old that younger ones have been found in Egyptian tombs.  That Harry Reid has the face of a dented pie plate and all the charm of a colostomy bag and that there’s little left in Candy Crowley’s life besides potato salad.


Above all that society is divided into winners and losers and Left-Wing Liberal voters are losers.  And that’s not cool.  That people who can play a musical instrument well are cool, that cowboys are cool, hunters are cool, guys who start businesses and get rich are cool, that Dads in the home are and single mothers are not because unless they’re widows their spiritual home is a public housing project.  That you can always pick Conservative women out of a crowd because they’re better looking, better dressed, smarter and always do something with their hair which is really cool.  That food stamps shouldn’t allow those calories laden edible food-like substances sold in the center aisles of supermarkets because welfare recipients might slim down, look at themselves in the mirror and maybe go out and get a job.  And that would be really, really cool.


Voters have to be convinced that freedom is cool too.  A member of my American Legion post who landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day stares down a building inspector who wanted to cite him for burning a small pile of autumn leaves in the same spot in his back yard where he’s burned them for sixty years, and then laughs at his back, now that’s cool.  Ford Motor Company saying they don’t any taxpayer money and the strings that go with it, that’s cool.  Entrepreneurs walking the Overland Trail backwards to leave onerous taxes and a legion of officious interfering bureaucrats behind, that’s cool.  Telling the government that you won’t pay their levies so that they can pay their voters is cool.  Taking your child out of a government school in order to give them a real education at your kitchen table, that’s cool.  Shooting a burglar dead, building your own house, discovering a new medicine, learning how to read ancient Greek are alls cool.  Mastering the art of Zen and not giving a rat’s-ass how your neighbors think, memorizing the Constitution, tossing most of the present federal government and its laws, regulation and taxes into the toilet by voting Republican is so cool you might have to start a new magazine just to put yourself of the cover of every issue.


And the only way to do that is by the labeling the opposite behaviors as uncool.  With ostracism and ridicule.  Just like a child labeling another a “cheater” when he or she breaks the rules of a game, by a mother telling a child they’re acting like an idiot, by a District Attorney indicting someone as a thief.  By Republican labeling Democrats the Daffy Duck party.


The very formation of the Republic depended upon ostracism and ridicule by moving people who didn’t want to be labeled “summer soldiers” or “sunshine patriots.” By people not wanting to be called “Tories”, “Traitors” or “Ministerial Slaves.”

There’s lots of names to choose from.  Personally I’ve always like Welfare Queen.  But perhaps it’s better to target the anonymous liberal-leaning voter by coming in from the flank with a the right label.

Like my friend Lois who in the election run up walked over and knocked on her neighbor Mary’s front door.  Whereupon something like the following conversation ensued.

“Mary I’d like to talk to you about something very, very important.”

“Yes Lois” Mary answered, “what is it?”

“Well if a pimp keeps trying to entice your daughter into his trade you’d want to know about it wouldn’t you?”

“WHAT” Mary gasped, “what’s happening with my daughter?”

“Only this Mary, that an ugly pimp keeps whispering in your daughter’s ear at school, out with her friends, especially on TV or in the movies that it’s okay to sleep with a lot of no-name guys.  That it’s okay because he’ll pay for the abortion and make sure your Mom doesn’t find out.  Or if she wants to keep the baby that’s okay too, maybe even better because then she can move out of your house because he’ll give her a check each month, not a lot but he’ll give her another one for her own apartment, a food allowance too, free medical care even a free cell phone he’ll pay the bill for?”

“I’m dialing 911 right now.  Who is this person?” Mary demanded.

“It’s the Left-Wing Liberal pimp you keep voting for Mary.”


“Mary I’m just very concerned.  You don’t want your daughter to become a welfare queen so why do you keep voting for those who see nothing wrong with transforming her into one.  Keep voting for those disgusting, immoral pimps who keep enticing your daughter to become just that.  Who entice other mother’s daughters to become just that, single mother losers on the dole.  Good for nothing parasites whose only contribution to society is a body temperature of 98.6.  I know you want more for your daughter than that.”

Well you know what happened.  Mary threw Lois out of her house.  Lois gets thrown out of a lot of houses.  But what’s the backlash?  For one thing Mary will hesitate just that little bit before she pulls that democrat lever again.  Maybe never pull it again if she start to hear something like that from other people or on TV because she doesn’t want to be ridiculed.  And she loves her daughter.

Lois and Republicans like her, not Bobby Jindal’s excess of caution, which give me heart.