Foster Care Story: The Things I Want Most

51j0TScES-L__SX322_BO1,204,203,200_It’s been a few years since I wrote The Things I Want Most: The Extraordinary Story Of A Boy’s Journey To A Family Of His Own.  Yet I’m still receiving phone calls and e-mails, often containing other gripping tales.  I’m never not moved but last week a woman named Emily Oates wrote me and opened hers with this sentence.  “I am an experienced Foster Parent but The Things I Want Most is the greatest account of the travails and inspirational result of taking on that task.”

Since then I’ve authored a number of other pieces about parenting and grand-parenting which you can find in the archives of American Thinker  But it occurs to me that I should start pitching the book again and so if you wish to take a look at Things, read numerous other reviews and if you’re a prospective Foster Parent. Social Worker or simply enjoy a compelling read click here.