An amazing piece appeared in American Think 02/17/2012 – The Is No Good Regulation by  Michael Moeller, whom I believe is an attorney working in the mid-west.  In any event he brilliantly examines the concept of a “good” regulation.  Points out that it’s prior restraint, something which we would not accept in other areas such as speech.

Read this piece and if I can add something before you do it is the idea that the acceptance of government regulation by most people is because they confuses it with the issue of standards. Modern life couldn’t proceed without an universe of standards. Take for example the height of a kitchen counter and the standard width of appliances.  If those doesn’t didn’t exist your new stove would fit into the current opening.  Standard allow a screw manufactured in California to fit a nut in Florida, an electrical plug on a fan purchased in Home Depot to fit your electrical socket at home.  But a standard is not a government regulation and almost invariably these standards have been arrived at privately, usually by professional associations or individuals marketing a product.  Having said that go read the piece.

This 1st Amendment example broadly captures the essence of objective law vs. regulation; namely, the protection of one’s freedom to act vs. the necessity of gaining the government’s permission before one is allowed to act.  Michael Moeller AmericanThinker 02/17/2013 Read more: